pre-marital counseling atlanta

A successful marriage can be one of the greatest experiences of life. What’s interesting is that those partnerships that endure are not without conflict. It’s how the couple handles conflict that separates long and fruitful marriages from those that last five years or less.

With over 25 years of helping marriages succeed, Dr. Phillips understands the critical factors that positively influence relationships. With premarital counseling, he listens closely and shares his wisdom on how to get the most out of a relationship and avoid the traps which can damage a marriage. For those who are planning for a wedding, he offers his Atlanta Premarital Counseling Series and recommends this is done at least three months before the big day. Couples who may benefit from premarital counseling include those considering engagement, are engaged, about to be married, or have a commitment. It is also helpful to couples who just got married but have not had premarital counseling. Premarital counseling can benefit couples marrying for the first time as well as those who have been married for a while.

Is premarital counseling necessary?

  • With the divorce rate around 50%, it is important to learn the skills necessary to give your relationship the chance it deserves to make it last.
  • Research shows that couples who pursue premarital counseling can reduce their risk of divorce by up to 30%.
  • They also develop a significantly higher level of marital satisfaction, and reduce their need for post marriage counseling.
  • Many clients share with Dr. Phillips that they wish they’d had good premarital counseling before their marriage.

Atlanta Premarital Counseling Series

This service is the ultimate pre-marriage packet offering found anywhere. Through a series of eight meetings, it includes all of the materials and session time you need to ensure a stronger relationship. All of these one-hour sessions include both fiancée and fiancé. The first session begins with an overview, a history review of the couple and a brief evaluation.

The next seven sessions cover problem solving, conflict resolution, and effective communication skills; emotional, intellectual and social style; wedding, family planning, home life, friends and relatives; finances and career; health and habits; beliefs and values; and attachment and sex. Prior to each of these meetings, the couple will ask each other an extensive list of relevant questions given to them by Dr. Phillips. They will simply listen and take notes to bring to the upcoming meeting. Any areas of disagreement will be discussed during the meeting in order to come to an understanding, agreement and/or compromise.