Take Action Now to Make Real Changes in Your Life


Most of us get through life one day at a time. We go to our jobs, pay our bills and perhaps achieve one or two of our childhood dreams. Some of us even meet someone special and build a life together. But most of us struggle through our relationships. Many people say they are in jobs they don’t enjoy. Why do some people achieve everything they ever wanted with minimal effort while others struggle to just get through the day? How do we get past this common level of living and explode our personal potential?

The distinction is this. Happier, more self-actualized individuals aren’t afraid of reaching out to others for help. And, with the resulting wisdom, they identify old patterns and replace them with a focused, purposeful life which gives them the pride of fulfilled dreams. Dr. Phillips offers a Life Coaching Service for people of all ages and backgrounds. By assessing your history and goals, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and any impediments that may be keeping you from achieving optimal success, you’ll unlock the potential that has always been inside of you. Dr. Phillips is an Atlanta based Life Coach who can help.

Positive Results through Life Coaching

  • Financial – Wealth Building, Income, Financial Intelligence
  • Career – Business Building, Development Trajectory, Transitions, Raises and Promotions, Career Fulfillment
  • Body – Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, Feeling Great
  • Relationships – Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Family and Children
  • Communication – Workplace, Family, Conflict and Difficult Situations, Romantic

Whether it’s a problem managing your business, career struggles or trouble finding love, a coach can help you achieve what you want, or even help you determine what you want when you are confused.

Dr. Phillips’ accepting, encouraging, humorous, and vital approach will keep you motivated during the rough spots, helping you celebrate your breakthroughs and accomplishments. With years of experience in success coaching, Dr. Phillips is especially talented at creatively solving a multitude of problems.