Marital Counseling Pre-Marital
Individual Counseling Life Coach

David Phillips, Ph.D.

Atlanta Psychologist with Years of Experience

Dr. David Phillips is a well known Atlanta psychologist who provides counseling for individuals, couples and those who are preparing for marriage. He also serves as a life coach for many people, uncovering the issues that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams. As a credentialed, well trained and experienced psychologist, Dr. Phillips has a long record of accomplishment, and has helped hundreds of individuals and couples get through the tough times and challenges that affect all of us. His clients have included CEOs of large corporations, national and international celebrities, politicians, authors, professional musicians and professional athletics (agents, managers, PGA, MLB, professional football, olympic gold medalists, track-and field professionals), billionaires, ministers and religious leaders, professors, physicists, physicians, attorneys as well as fellow psychologists.

Providing Men and Women with Strategies for Positive Change

  • Individual Therapy – Feeling sad, frustrated or angry? See how intensive therapy can stop you from interfering with your own happiness and open up new possibilities.
  • Premarital Counseling – Are you prepared for marriage? Discover more about how to make your relationship great as you prepare for that big step towards a life together.
  • Marriage/Couples Counseling – There is no such thing as the “perfect” couple. There are ways we can relate to each other better. The challenge is finding out how.
  • Life Coach – We all could use an expert opinion for the decisions we make. Dr. Phillips will help you unleash your truest potential.

Who can benefit from these services? Just about everybody. Let’s face it. None of us can do it on our own. We all need others to help us get over the humps of life. Many times, it takes an objective, unbiased third party like Dr. Phillips, a respected Atlanta based psychologist who truly cares about his patients.

Answers for Life’s Challenges

  • Clinical Problems (Depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, sexual problems, OCD and more)
  • Relationship Matters (Premarital stresses, Marital Issues, Parent-Child and Siblings)
  • Occupational Problems (Managing the Board of Directors, Job Loss, Finding the Right Job and Career Frustration)
  • Phase of Life Challenge (Dealing with Aging; Women coming to the end of child-bearing years; etc.)
  • Dealing with Loss and Grief